Technicians Certifications

Our experienced team is committed to delivering high-quality testing and engineering services for all types of construction materials. We pride ourselves on our commitment to client satisfaction and providing reliable solutions to meet their needs.


  • Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I

  • Aggregate Testing Technician - Level 1

  • Aggregate Testing Technician - Level 2

  • Concrete Strength Testing Technician

  • Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician

  • Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 1

  • Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 2


  • Level 1A HMA Plant Specialist

  • Level 1B HMA Roadway Specialist

  • Level 2 Mix Design Specialist

  • AGG101 Aggregate Specialists

  • SB101 Materials Properties Specialist

  • SB102 Field Specialist

  • SB103 Materials Analyst Specialist

  • SB201 Moisture-Density Specialist

  • SB202 Mix Design Specialist


  • Asphalt Level I, II and III

  • Concrete Level II and III

  • Soils Level II and III

**TxDOT and other certifications are also available.