Pavement Evaluations

We offer a range of nondestructive pavement evaluation services that are designed to provide our clients with accurate and reliable data on the condition and performance of their pavement structures. We use cutting-edge nondestructive tools and techniques to gather data without damaging the pavement, minimizing disruption to traffic and reducing costs.

Our Work

Our pavement evaluation services include the use of a range of nondestructive tools, such aswo High Speed Inertial Profilers, a Heavy weight deflectometer (HWD) and three Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (DCP). These tools are used to evaluate the structural integrity of the pavement, identify any defects or damage, and determine the pavement's remaining service life. Our experienced team of pavement engineers and technicians are trained and equipped to conduct pavement evaluations on a range of pavement types, including concrete and asphalt. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific pavement evaluation needs and to develop a customized evaluation plan that aligns with their project goals and objectives.