SH 130 Tollway Segments 5&6

Rodriguez Engineering Laboratories LLC served as the Construction QA Testing Firm (CQATF) for this $1.35 billion project.

The Project

This $1.35billion project involved 42 miles of new flexible pavement construction. Project included 72 PCC structures including two major interchanges, and 42 miles of new flexible pavement construction. SH 130 segments 5 & 6 has the highest legal speed limit in the nation at 85 mph.

Our Work

· The testing involved more than 1.5 million tons of HMAC, over 180,000 cubic yards of PCC, 974,000 cubic yards of flex base, 2 million cubic yards of lime stabilized subgrade, and 12.9 million yards of embankment.  

· REL provided extra Level IA personnel for testing at plants to accommodate peak period of HMAC placement when two different plants were producing mix simultaneously 12 to 14 hours per day, 7 days a week.

· Over17,000 moisture-density tests on embankment, backfill, lime stabilized subgradeand crushed limestone base material were performed to insure project specifications were met.  

· The testing also included more than 3,100 proctors.